Your Business Coach


Your Business Coach

Coach and business consultant
for entrepreneurs and executives

I’ve been around when it comes to entrepreneurship; after finalizing my masters in Mathematics I started my commercial life and now have 30 years of experience from IT to the medical sector to the Construction industry, where I have led companies, advised companies and invested in companies financially and with my time.

Complex challenges

Being able to deal with complex challenges is what diversifies me in the coaching business - I get a kick out of helping others; and my personal approach is seldom seen in business consulting. My coaching aims at my clients establishing and achieving their goals both professionally and personally, as these goals cannot be seen as independent entities; they always intertwine even when you think they are separate.


My coaching and leadership development training will help you to be more successful, both professionally as in your personal life. My consultancy clients learn from my experience in setting up businesses and know how in the areas of leadership, management, strategy, deal making, business modeling, business validation, finance, grants and intellectual property rights.


For a successful relationship there must be a click! The only way to find out, is to have a first appointment. We will get straight to work! The first one is on me.